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Congratulations to David Smith from the UK who was officially crowned the 2014 Done in 60 Seconds winner at this year’s Jameson Empire Awards! His entry, There Will Be Blood was a humorous remake of the blockbuster film. David chose a turf war between two local milkmen as the focus of the story – a rather different take on the original plot line. The four other finalists were: Leigh Lahav from Israel (Gravity), Michael Hall from the UK (Gravity in 2D), Ramil Karipov from Russia (Paranormal Activity: Bad Realtor) and Joao Carrilho from Portugal (Vertigo). Our judging panel made up of Directors, Ben Wheatley and Jon S. Baird, and fellow film buffs Edith Bowman, Alex Zane and Empire Magazine’s Editor Mark Dinning, chose the five finalists, who then competed for the trophy at the Jameson Empire Awards on Sunday 30th March. You can watch David Smith’s winning film and the other finalists’ films below.

2014 Entries

There Will Be Blood - Jameson Empire Award Winner 2014

David Smith from the UK



Leigh Lahav from Israel


Gravity (2D)

Michael Hall from the UK


Paranormal Activity: Bad Realtor

Ramil Karipov from Russia



Joao Carrilho from Portugal

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